Dashboard & Metrics


Aware of their importance, we decided to give you the possibility to check your consumption at the very center of Woosmap's homepage.

The two graphs you can see represent your products' consumption by Product and by Project. Moreover, when you filter on a Product, you can see up to its Kinds (for example: in the Store Search API, the Kinds can be Public Search Stores, Get Stores by ID, Import Stores, and so on).

Reading this part, you might be wondering what a Kind is.

If we try to explain it in the simplest way, it could be something along the lines of this:

A Kind reflects either dedicated API endpoints’ use or specific API request parameters allowing more detailed monitoring consumption charging.

Therefore, remember that Product usages are split into one or several Kinds, which you can monitor on the Dashboard Metrics when you filter on a given Product.

queries per product
queries per project

It is now possible to consult your Metrics using predefined and custom timeframes. We've tried to make it as intuitive as possible, adding many predefined timeframes to cover all your use cases.


You can find Metrics in two sections in Woosmap:

  • In the Dashboard, where you can see Organization Metrics and therefore can compare your Projects consumption between them as well as Products.
  • In each Projects' Metrics tab, where you can see the Products' consumption and go up to the Kind granularity

In the new Woosmap, we have added to possibility to extract your consumption in queries as a CSV file. The time and Product filters you've applied change the extract's data. Please note that you can make those extracts at Organization level (in the Homepage Dashboard then) or directly inside a Project.


Use cases

Seeing the Metrics, you might be thinking "Ok Woosmap, I see a lot of numbers, graphs, nice colors but concretely how can I make these numbers relevant?". Well, doubt no more, we've listed some use cases to efficiently read your Metrics:

  • I want to know which Projects have the highest consumption in my Organization
  • I want to know which Products have the highest consumption
  • I want to know which Projects have the highest consumption of a chosen Product
  • I want to check precisely happened in the last hour because the consumption seems odd