Woosmap plans

There is 3 ways to subscribe to Woosmap products : Free, Pro and Enterprise plans

Free plan

The free plan gives you free access to the following products within the limit of 40,000 free credits / month:

There is no credit card required to use Free plan and you will have acces to email support, free plan allows you to try woosmap products for free to see if it's respond to your needs.

Pro Plan

With pro plan you can have access to woosmap products according to your consumption. Add your credit card and you will access unlimited access to following products with 40k free credits / month and then 6$ / 1000 credits :

Be aware that Localities API with uk details will have an additionnal cost.

With pro plan you will have all the value of free plan and premium support.

How to subscribe to pro plan ?

1 - Click on the upgrade button from the subscription page


2 - Click on the upgrade button on the upgrade page


3 - Choose your region between Non-EU / EU / France

For Non-EU only you'll have to choose your currency between $/€/£


4 - For EU and France only, enter your VAT number


5 - Proceed to checkout


6 - Add your billing address


7 - Add your credit card


8 - Complete your order


You’re now a Pro user and you can access all Woosmap’s product

Enterprise plan

With enterprise plan you will deploy Woosmap at scale, and use all of Woosmap products :

Save money by committing on a yearly fee and get 3m credit / year

Enterprise plan will also give you access to :

  • Proactive Budget Monitoring
  • Dedicated Customer Success specialist

To start using enterprise plan contact our sales.


On the subscription page you can follow your consumption of woosmap products and find out how much you will be charged at the end of the month.

You can also find out what your current plan is, change plans, view your invoices, modify your company information and your payment methods.

Subscribe to a plan

Choose between Free/Pro/Enterprise plans to access Woosmap products


Discover plans

Follow your consumption


You can follow your consumption in real time (maximum 1 hour to retrieve your last data) and know the number of credits you have spent in the different Woosmap APIs.

The Free and Pro plans give you access to 40k free credits per month, with the exception of the Localities UK product which will only be available for Pro and Enterprise and will add additional costs.

Edit your business information


You can edit your company's billing information.

Change payment methods


You can add several credit cards to your account, you will have to choose which credit card will be your primary one, you can't delete your primary credit card.

Cancel my subscription

You can cancel you subscription by clicking on your plan.


Then click on "Cancel Subscription"