We want to help you have the most efficient use of our Woosmap APIs.

As explained in the Projects' Products part, Owners and Co-Owners can manage the Products they want to activate or deactivate in each Project.

In order to help you discover Woosmap APIs, we've created this Product section. For each Product, you'll see:

  • A description summarizing what it does
  • A link to the Developers' documentation in you wish to have more technical insights
  • The number and list of Projects it is currently activated in
  • The possibility to add it to other Projects directly from this page
  • And even a demo enabling you to play with its core parameters

Bear in mind that activating/deactivating a Product in a Project might take up to 60 seconds to be effective and allow/block API calls.

If you wish to learn more about our APIs, you can visit the corresponding Developers' Documentation sections: