My Profile


The My Profile page gathers your basic profile pieces of information, basically who you are and what you do. If you need to update things such as your first name, last name or your position, you can do it directly from this page.

If you tick the mail report checkbox, you agree that we send you monthly Metrics reports and other data regarding your Organization. At the moment those mail reports are deactivated but we are working on bringing them back to life quite soon!

You might have noticed it, but in the Log in page there is a small "Keep me signed in" checkbox. If you often log in to Woosmap (and we hope you'll do with the new Design), don't forget to tick so you don't have to enter your password if you come back soon.



Now, you can also modify the email linked to your account as well as change your password without having to log out and go through the forgotten password feature.

Changing your email:

  1. Go to My Profile, Authentication
  2. Type the new address email you want to use
  3. Re-enter your password for a quick security check
  4. Go to you mailbox and remember the code we've sent you
  5. Go back to the Console and enter the code
  6. Validate

Switch to Google SSO

To use your google account to login with an existing woosmap account you have to switch to use Google SSO


Connect to your google account then you'll now be able to login with your google account


When switching to Google SSO you will not be able to reset your password on woosmap, you will have to reset your password on your google account

Multi-Factor Authentication


The Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is an authentication method that requires you to provide several verification factors to access your account. It is an easy way to strengthen your account security and prevent any authentication problems.

In Woosmap, the Multi-factor Authentication requires you to link your mobile device to your Woosmap account and use a tokens system to access the console. You can use apps such as Google Authenticator, available on both the Play Store and the Apple Store.

Enabling the MFA:

  1. Go to “My Profile” (bottom-left hand corner)
  2. Click on “Multi-Factor Authentication”
  3. Enter your password
  4. Click on “Add Mobile Device” button
  5. Link a device name thanks to the authentication app you chose

Make sure to copy-paste and save the recovery codes somewhere safe, they might save you someday!

But if it happens that you have no access to your phone and your recovery codes, do not panic. You can contact the Support through the chatbot or through the Contact form and we'll unlock you in the blink of an eye.

Each user is free to activate it or not but we strongly recommend at least Owners and Co-Owners to do it given the fact that they have access to all the Organization's pieces of information and data.



We use cookies on our different websites behind the domain. Those cookies cover different part of your journey (Analytics, Live Chat and Security) with one goal: improving and smoothen your Woosmap experience. By defining your cookies preference, you consent to share data for the purposes described below. To learn more, please read our cookies policy.

At any moment, you can enable or disable the Live chat and/or Analytics cookies. However, we would be truly sad if you did since the chat is purely here to help you as fast as we can and the Analytics give us the possibility to improve Woosmap and the overall experience.