Once the Members table is displayed, a simple click on his or her line will display a "Card" where you can see more pieces of information, edit someone's profile, change his or her Role or even remove him or her from the Organization (if you're allowed to do so obviously).


Depending on your needs and success, your Organization Members' list could be growing longer and longer. If you start to have many Members and are looking for one in particular, you can search him or her by name. But you can also first filter by Role, or even MFA activated, and then start typing the Member name. Not Matrix-complicated and quite useful!


The MFA column displays which Organization Members have linked a device to their Woosmap account with a Multi-Factor Authentication app. If you want to understand better what MFA is and how it works, this is right here.


In order to help you manage your Organization and its Projects in the most efficient way, we’ve distinguished three Roles in Woosmap: the Owner of the Organization, the Co-Owners and Team Members. All three Roles give you access to different privileges within the Organization and help segment the tasks:

1. Owner

There is only one Owner per Organization. As an Organization Owner, you can see and have control on everything in your Organization:

  • Create and manage Projects
  • Activate and deactivate the Woosmap Products each project can use (you can refer to the Products section)
  • Upload, manage and visualise your Assets (only if you’ve activated the Woosmap Store Search API)
  • Review and download the Metrics (at both Organization and Project levels)
  • For each Project, manage its public and private keys as well as its Authorized domains

As an Owner or a Co-Owner, if you have doubts regarding the Role and Privileges a Member of your Organization has, you can check it and change it in the Members list, next to his or her name.

2. Co-Owner

If the Organization Owner made you Co-Owner, you are most likely meant to assist him or her because you have almost the exact same rights (listed right above).

A great power comes with great responsibility!

At the moment, the only actions Co-Owners cannot perform is renaming the Organization and giving the ownership to someone else.

Also bear in mind that if you remove someone from Co-Owners, you'll have to add this person to at least one Team so this person still has the possibility to access or one several Projects (the ones linked to the Team).

3. Member

If you are a Member, it means the Owner or Co-Owners of your Organization added you to one or several Teams. Therefore, you only have access to the Projects linked to the Team(s) you are part of, not all the Organization's Projects.

Going further, what you can or cannot do inside those Projects depend on your Team's Privileges. All of this is explained and developed in the Teams & Privileges section.

As a Member, you may not see or you do some things that are listed in this Guide. If you feel like your Role does not correspond to what you need to do, make sure to contact your Organisation Owner or Co-Owners.

4. Summary

The three Roles summarized in one sentence, so you don't get lost:

  • Owner: can do everything inside his or her Organization
  • Co-Owner: same as the Owner, can also do everything inside the Organization
  • Member: Projects he or she has access to depends on his or her Teams and their Privileges, which are defined by the Owner and Co-Owners